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First Visit

Your Child’s First Visit

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends finding your child’s Dental Home by age one or when the first tooth emerges, whichever occurs first. It is known that children who have a dental home are more likely to receive appropriate preventive and routine oral health care, which reduces a child’s risk of preventable dental/oral diseases.

Before My Appointment:

Prior to your child’s appointment, we recommend you tell your child that the dentist is a friendly doctor who will help their teeth stay healthy. We recommend that you talk about the visit in a positive, age appropriate manner and that you avoid projecting any negative feelings you may have regarding dentistry by avoiding negative words/ imagery. Books and dental play sets can also be great adjuncts to show your child
how fun going to the dentist can be.

What to Expect

Upon arriving to our office, you and your child will be warmly introduced to our team. Parents will complete the check-in process while their child(ren) play in our interactive play area. (Parents are asked to complete all new patient forms electronically before the appointment for a smoother check in.) A beverage bar is available for parents to grab refreshments upon waiting.

A team member will then escort your family to the hygiene area. Dr. Elle will show your child all of the instruments that will be used such as our tooth counter, mouth mirror, and mr. thirsty. Dr. Elle will then gently examine your child’s teeth, gums and supporting structures. If your child is younger, we may have them sit in a parent’s lap facing the parent and have them lay back towards the dentist. We call this a “lap exam” and this can help the dentist do a thorough exam quickly.

Depending on the age and comfort level of your child, a thorough cleaning of the teeth and a fluoride treatment might be completed. Radiographs will be taken if all surfaces of your child’s teeth cannot be visualized or if there are areas of concern. A developmental check is always completed and referrals are made to local specialists when necessary. If additional treatment needs are diagnosed, Dr Elle and parents will discuss the options and additional appointments will be scheduled.

At Your Childs Pace

At Blossom Pediatric Dentistry, we recognize that all children are unique and have individual sensitivities. If your child is very apprehensive, we may skip certain aspects of an appointment as we want our patients to leave our office with a smile on their face. Pleasant visits and encouraging words from our team (as well as from caregivers) help a child establish trust and confidence that will last a lifetime. Happy Visits are also available for patients that require desensitization.

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